Books for Children

Children’s books are just the best. The sweet stories, the artwork, the succinctness of their message… and the endings - they’re always happy! The big lessons in life that honestly, most adults are still trying to figure out make children’s books my favorite. I spent way too long in the book showrooms reading through books of all kinds this past July market. Each one was better than the last. Below are just a few of the beautiful choices that should be on every child’s bookshelf.


I mean, what do you do? Just as good for the grownups as the littles.


About that The Heaven of Animals… no way anyone who has ever loved an animal can read that without getting choked up.


Life… it’s challenging, it’s overwhelming and there are times when you feel invisible. But if you hang in there and look for its good parts, you’ll always find them. Because life is really beautiful.


Children’s books aren’t just for children. Maybe we could all learn a lesson or two from these sweet little books that teach us the important lessons about life.

Lisa McHugh