Crystals, Smudging, Palo Santo Sticks

Smudge feather/fan, smudge spray, palo santo sticks, smoky quartz, citrine quartz, labradorite

Smudge feather/fan, smudge spray, palo santo sticks, smoky quartz, citrine quartz, labradorite

What are your thoughts on crystals and smudging? There are many lores about the healing powers of crystals. Smudging (a Native American ceremony) is done to spiritually cleanse, heal or bless. How about Palo Santo sticks? Spanish for “holy wood”, Palo Santo is a sacred tree which grows in select parts of South America. It has been used for centuries and its scent is said to reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance clarity and concentration.

Collecting things that (may) bring positive energy and good vibes can’t be all bad. Aren’t most people 100% in for all things positive? While I have no intention of giving up prayer or going to church on Sunday for a crystal in my pocket, I’m not opposed to having a few things around the house with a tradition and history among some cultures that bring good energy. Whether it’s a crystal on a necklace, a mineral on the mantel, or burning smudge sticks in the kitchen, the possibility of a connection between earth’s natural elements and good energy is intriguing.

Following are some of the healing properties/energies associated with different minerals and crystals.

Amethyst: stress relief, protection, disperse negative energies Quartz: healing, clarity, creativity Chalcedony: stability, harmony, dreams Selenite: remove negative energies, cleans the aura concentration Labradorite: improves willpower, intellect, intuition and inner worth Fluorite: same as labradorite Celestite: brings calm, balance and uplifts (Thought to be from heaven - when placed in a child’s room it summons angels to protect the child) Citrine: confidence, happiness, strength Smoky Quartz: stabilizing, grounding, helps overcome negative emotions Tourmaline: healing depression, stress, anxieties and worry

Check out our gallery below of some of nature’s prettiest creations available on our home side. Not only are they beautiful elements of the earth, they are beautiful elements in design. And who can argue if they bring positive vibes with them?

Lisa McHugh