Art on 2

When we began our expansion at the beginning of the year, we knew we would be moving all of the home goods that were upstairs into our first floor addition.  Once everything was moved out, that gave us the opportunity to convert the upstairs into a space dedicated to displaying  art.   The space was perfect for a gallery, with its northern exposure and open, lofty and modern vibe.

The first artist I wanted to invite to display her work was Eden Frangipane.  Eden and her husband had just returned from a long trip to Tibet and Nepal.  I knew she would have lots of great pieces to showcase from not only that trip, but photos from her other exotic travels including Cuba and Vietnam.  To my delight, Eden accepted my invitation.  So, now we're having a show - our first show to christen our gallery which we decided to call "Art on 2".  And everyone's invited.  It's this Thursday, April 2 from 6 - 8 pm.

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